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If we fall for a woman, we pursue her until she falls in love with us.

Or, the lesser of us, find excuses as to why she is not worth our time and give up. If a woman is easy to figure out and easy to deal with, then we lose interest.

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Complicated lives aren’t as unpleasant as most people seem to believe them to be. A complicated woman is always an interesting woman. A little complexity does a person good -- especially when it comes to a woman.

Complicated usually means intriguing, out of the ordinary and exciting. If she’s complicated she’s bound to complicate your life a little.

If not the issues themselves then the way those issues are affecting our emotional state and the actions that they bring about.

Constant emotional instability isn’t healthy, but from time to time, it can be a refreshing reminder of how alive you are, of how alive life can make you feel -- even if your emotions are only fluctuating as a result of your woman’s emotional fluctuations.

Nevertheless, a complicated woman is definitely one worth sharing your life with.

She may be hard to love at times, but she's most definitely worth the trouble.What do most people freak out over at some point in a relationship?When they feel their partner has no more stories to tell them.All the mystery is lost and we have no part of her that we wish to figure out or get to know.A complicated woman will always seem a bit of a mystery.This isn’t to say that there is something wrong with being a simple individual.

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