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Could you refresh my memory as to the VBA syntax to do this? I just want to put the n count in the VBA code so i can tell how many loops it has made without having to slow me down with application.screenupdating=true. as turning off screen updating actually improves macro efficiency That said, here's an mock example (with some additional notes) that will put a custom message on the status bar that I'm sure you'll be able to adapt to your own needs: Sub Macro1() Dim int My Count As Integer With Application .

Screen Updating = False 'Turn off screen updating .

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A factor complicating my problem is that I use Application.

Screen Updating = False (or True) frequently to speed up the process, and perhaps that has some effect on my status bar.

Display Status Bar = True 'Make sure the statusbar is visible End With Do Until int My Count = 6 Application.

Status Bar = "Loop count is " & int My Count int My Count = int My Count 1 Loop With Application . Status Bar = False 'Return control of the statusbar back to Excel End With End Sub Yes, Application.

The userform was intentionally to top up of the application and I have made the worksheet minimized when the userform was loaded.

However, when the form was loaded in auto_run module, it always stayed in the status bar and users had to click on the excel icon to pop up the userform.

On the left hand side you will see Microsoft Excel Objects.

I have a userform for user to log in before start of the application.

My problem is with the first step that takes about five minutes.

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