Video xxx american sex dating - Updating your blackberry storm

Once you select Wireless Upgrade, please follow the on screen instructions.

For more information regarding OTASL please see the following KB Articles: Black Berry smartphone users have the option of updating the Black Berry Device Software on their Black Berry smartphones using web-based technology available on the Black Berry Device Software updates web site.

Black Berry remains committed to providing excellent customer support to our customers.

Verizon Storm users have reason to celebrate tonight because they’re part of a very special user base — the first Black Berry users to recieve Black Berry OS 5.0.

We’ve already gone over the benefits of OS 5.0 a whole bunch, so all there is left for us to do is tell you how to get the goods.

If your doing an Over the Air Software Load (OTASL) - On your device, please goto Options à Advanced Options à Wireless Upgrade.

Black Berry smartphone users, wireless service providers, and Black Berry Enterprise Server administrators are able to send requests for wireless Black Berry Device Software updates.

Has OS 5.0 made the first-gen Storm the phone it should have been one year ago, or is it just polishing a turd since the Black Berry 9550 is just around the corner?

The Black Berry Device Support Community Forums have closed as of April 1, 2017.

In order to download software from this website, you must be using Firefox or Windows® Internet Explorer v5.5 or higher.

If you meet the browser requirements, check for a browser message on your screen prompting you to run an add-on.

Likewise, you can buy a completely new Black Berry Storm from them already designed according to your preference at a starting price of 9 for a basic color.

Unfortunately, this service is available in the US only and will take about 2-3 weeks to ship.

Either fire up Black Berry Desktop Manager for PC or Mac and accept the prompt to update your handheld, or visit

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