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If you want to get your hands on it for FREE, there's a link available here: Picasa Tutorials Let me know how you get on with it.

This news was horrible for me, but not surprising, since the program hadn’t been updated in a super long time, other than small UI tweaks and buttons to link to Google Services such as the Picasa Web Service, but it was still bad news.

The reason I really liked Picasa was it would automatically index my photo folders, and quickly add them to the database and sort them via date, Detect faces, easily allow tags to be added, lightweight, fast, and used very few resources.

There's no need to uninstall Picasa2 as the new version will remove it for you automatically. The face detection (not recognition) should also be done on you PC: check the "Show only photos with faces", it's very fast, the only way to do this (and the smartest one) is to pre-detect faces on your photos during the indexing phase when picasa compute thumbnails.

For the recognition part, I also suspect picasa3 to send some extra data with your photos: the face "features", these features are then used to classiy/recognize the face on the server side (i.e.

This feature would be better if it’d show some thumbnails, but thankfully the program is so fast and lightweight that everything opens and loads fast, so you can click on a month and quickly view the photos.

Tip to Microsoft: Automatically put the month list on the left pane when someone entered Collection view.I believe “Collections” is what I’ve been looking for in a photo viewer.What I think it does is collects all the photos from your predetermined photo folders (mine is MY PICTURES, which is default and why it was already loaded), and sorts them based on date regardless of the folder they are in. The thing I don’t like about this feature is it doesn’t show the months in a tree on the left nav, instead you can scroll down to goto the previous months, or click on the Month title and it’ll load a month view.(I also use Photo Shop CS3 for any serious editing, but it's certainly not free!) For those of you who may be interested in this software, Google has announced the latest version is now available - Picasa 3.I want the program to take all my photos from all the folders in my list, and sort them via date, as Picasa did.

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