Updating media information and album art

More simply , am updating tags and album art manually on the Hard Disk that contains my music collection, so like adding correct album art, names , date, composer etc etc.... Well one thing that experience has taught me is this: Once music has been added into the database of your radio automation software, the physical address of each audio file is stored in the database.

I have been very alert when updating or adding album art, and tags to files already in the DB.

I double cheched and saw that Media Monkey did not change the folder name containing the audio files, neither was the physical location changed.

This is because your radio automation software does not keep up with those type of changes (it shouldn't have to) and it will try to pull those audio files based on the physical location currently stored in the database.

Outside programs like Media Monkey will not only rename the audio filename but it will generate new folders as a part of the organizing of your music collection.

This blog entry is about how to get your i Tunes library and metadata in sync with Windows Media Player.

This article will not help you move songs you bought on the i Tunes Music Store over to Windows Media Player.All l have added isalbum art and some tags that were missing.After that l did via the Utilities button of Radio Dj a Relocate files with the idea that Radiodj would implement the changes made to the audio files.Therefore your radio automation software will not be able to play those audio files because it now has no physical location of the audio files in it's database.You would need to add all of those files back into the database but also make sure you use the radio automation software to clean up your database to remove all of the invalid files.But still have a lot of vinyl rips already in the DB that l need to edit and doing one by one within the Radiodj would cost me forever thus why am looking for ways to do it ouside the radio program. I'll try to explain how Radio DJ manages the album art and audio file paths in hope to make it a bit more clear; First, Brodephat is correct in that Radio DJ database contains only file paths.

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