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The client framework then replaces the old content with the new content.

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The Update Panel is a control that simply designates its contents as an asynchronous callback, or “AJAX” call. Let’s use our trusty tool – Firebug – to see what the AJAX Framework is really doing under the covers. NET fundamentally uses the View State for a whole slew of reasons, but in order for ASP.

Take a look at this ubiquitous example of updating a label with the servers time – sans a postback: Pretty simple. Here’s the post: did we need to post so much information? NET to process the request it needs the View State. It contains information that ensures the View State hasn’t been tampered with.

However when you consume it you needn’t worry about the “d”.

The AJAX Framework includes some metadata in responses to make things easier, such as type names, to allow for a typing system.

In order to wire AJAX into a web service, additions to the web.config file are required.

Visual Studio 2008 will create a new web.config file with all of the correct settings in place to get you started with AJAX.Calling it from our client side script is very simple: This is a page that updates a span—My Time Span—with the response from what the web service returns.We do this by adding our web service as a Service Reference.Refreshing or reloading is achieved by making an ASP.Net AJAX Update Panel do a Post Back using Java Script.When we click the Update Time Button the label updates the time with the current time, and without causing a postback. It’s easy and requires little knowledge of advanced AJAX functionality. Since the Event Validation goes together with the View State, the AJAX call needs to send this information too. NET runtime exactly what happened: which button was clicked; the name of the Script Manager; etc. This is what the server sent back: |128|hidden Field|__VIEWSTATE|/w EPDw ULLTE4M z Q0ODUy NDIPZBYCAg MPZBYCAg MPZBYCZg9k Fg ICAQ8PFg I e BFRle HQFFDEx Lzgv Mj Aw OSA3Oj Ez Oj M1IFBNZGRkb HZ0Gxr67 EAa/b Ndq Zf XC6A7YPA=|48|hidden Field|__EVENTVALIDATION| /w EWAg LUi Orp Bg LJqc YBK3kg Ba C8Pr4C9Sp Wu CECT5q Bk BH|16| async Post Back Control IDs Tags: , ,