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It’s obvious that Aikman still dislikes Bayless because of it.The reason Aikman is so angry that Bayless wrote that in his book 20 years ago is that it is untrue.Aikman was married for 12 years and has two daughters.

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The public had no such idea about them to be a couple because they had not claimed and kept their relationship status low profile.

They didn’t use to speak much about their love life.

“The first speech I heard him give was at a wedding, and it was so heartfelt and to the point.

Maybe I’m so impressed because I would have to prepare for weeks to speak in public, and even then, I’m sure I would blab on and on!

But at present, she is happily in a relationship with Troy.

It is revealed that Troy Aikman has proposed his girlfriend, Capa Mooty in their vacation trip making a beautiful and a romantic scene.

He posted the photo saying that “A Special day as I proposed to the love of my life”.

Capa Mooty, his girlfriend also shared a picture after the proposal where she had captioned, “I have waited my whole life for you!!

Being suffered by so many difficulties in relationships, finally, Capa Mooty accepts him as her life partner and are happy together. After the split up Jerry started Samantha while Capa started dating Troy Aikman.

Capa Mooty has also two sons from a former relationship Luke and Val.

where Troy and his special friend were confronted by the dreaded ROSE LADY!!!

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