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Almost immediately I told myself to shut the fuck up.Excuse the language, but I had to give my self a reality check and quite frankly, a slap across the face.I am NOT what “media” portrays the poster girl of “fitness” to be. Confession: when the week of the naked 5K arrived, the thought entered my mind that maybe, just maybe, I should cut back on carbs and try to lean out a bit before the race.

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While my shirt was barely over my head, and older gentleman walking by introduced himself as the race director and started talking about, of all things, Vermont.

His complete and utter casualness while we all stood around naked (me still stripping down) was the final reassurance I needed. We checked in at the registration table, were given adorable little towels instead of t-shirts (fun fact: at a nudist resort it is proper etiquette to always sit on a towel instead of parking your naked butt on a public bench, chair, etc.).

I ran the idea by Geoff, who is scarily a clone of me in a slightly older male form, and he said “register us! My friend asked her friends to choose to MOVE yesterday, to move for Faye.

I wanted to send Jane a picture of Geoff and I to show her our support and love…and I knew she would get a kick out of it!

Sign onto Pinterest, or open a fitness magazine, and tell me that isn’t what you also see.

While I am strong, fit, and fully capable of doing my job, in the back of my mind I am always aware of the fact thatto the point that it garners stares from strangers, and my boobs have shrunk to nearly nothing thanks to a combination of motherhood, a combined 2 years of breastfeeding my children, and distance running.

, to be held about a half hour north at a Nudist Resort.

The wisecracks immediately started flying, comments about how much chafing might occur, body parts uncomfortably bouncing around, etc.

As soon as we pulled into the gates and into the park, I noticed people everywhere in running shoes and absolutely nothing else.

Earlier I had told myself that I refused to be ashamed of my body or embarrassed that day.

Because after all, this entire park was founded by people who also refused to be ashamed or embarrassed of their bodies.

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