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The soap star, 47, has bagged herself gorgeous toy boy Tom Child, 26, and the pair have been dating since at least Christmas, according to The Sun.

Insiders say she’s happy and smitten with her new beau, who shares the same first name as her ex-husband Tom Ellis, and has even introduced him to pals.

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You must make it clearthat the age-gap will make no difference to your partner's relationship with them."5.

Do: Acknowledge that the relationship may feel strange at first.

"While it's great to keep up to date with his interests, don't start to panic about ageing or feel under pressure to dress or behave much younger than you are.

It never works and you won't be being true to yourself.

And Tamzin reportedly introduced the handsome yogi as her boyfriend to her celebrity friends at a recent party.

Her happiness comes after it was reported that her ex Tom cheated on her with Lost actress Emilie de Ravin, 36.

"There's no point in denying that it is a new experience for you and if the age gap is a problem, then you need to admit it," says Petra Boynton. But it's important to talk together about any worries you have about the age-gap. DO: be aware that there will be pressure on you to act younger than you are.

Often, this issue becomes a taboo between age-gap couples - but if you bring it up, do you really think he's going to be shocked? "Be aware of it but don't give yourself up to it," advises Denise Knowles.

Wendy Salisbury's books, The Toyboy Diaries, become best sellers The Toyboy Diaries are a cougers eye view of the toyboy dating game.

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