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Embedded with ten centuries of history and culture, it stands on 14 islands where the lake meets the sea.

The Swedish Royal Capital is also widely known for its remarkable modernity, progressiveness and trend sensitivity.

Lonely Planet Sweden Very popular guides that provide exceptional information.

Stockholm’s archipelago is accessible from central Stockholm all year round thanks to the characteristic and famous white archipelago boats.

Some are well-preserved old workhorses dating back more than a century and still steam powered.

It’s the heartland of Sweden and where tradition remains king.

In its cities, you’ll enjoy excellent cultural opportunities, upscale restaurants and wonderful shopping.

Furthermore, its history and culture are much older than ours in North America.

Up north the land is covered with dense green forests.

Here you can discover quaint canals, the cobbled streets of historical Haga and many green open spaces.

That green space includes Sweden’s biggest botanical garden, boasting over 16,000 species.

There’s also a multitude of enticing restaurants—seven with Michelin stars.

What’s more, there’s also the city archipelago right on Gothenburg’s doorstep.

For those who would like to explore this Swedish Smörgåsbord, here are the most-visited areas of Sweden, courtesy of Visit Sweden.

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