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Japanese submarines scored a few important victories the carriers "Yorktown" and "Wasp," and the last American surface warship sunk, the cruiser "Indianapolis" in late July, 1945; overall, however, they sank only about one-fifth as many ships as did the American submarine force.

On the last day of the Pacific war, Japan had only 33 submarines in commission (excluding midgets), seven of which were in the training command.

Most observers believed that he was being tried as a stand-in for the unavailable Adolph Hitler.

He was brilliant, and difficult and made nuclear power a reality, not just in submarines, but in many major surface warships as well.

He also well-understood the role of the Congress in procurement decisions; his friends on Capitol Hill ensured Rickover's professional standing by assisting in a series of promotions, eventually to the four-star rank of admiral.

Here, eighty-four midgets, of four different designs, are huddled in drydock, October, 1945.

Just as with WWI, there was only one verified German submarine atrocity.

One of the officers detailed to Oak Ridge in 1946 assumed control of the Navy nuclear propulsion program (and kept control, until finally retired in 1982).

Captain Rickover was a submariner and an engineer, with a passion for safety and an obsession for control.

The Navy detailed eight engineers to the home of the Atomic Bomb, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to see what might be developed.

Testing some newly-discovered peculiarities concerning the transmission of sound in the open ocean, a U. submarine was able to detect a destroyer at a distance of 105 miles and hear depth-charges exploding 600 miles away.

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