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They think Hawaii and they automatically envision palm trees lining every street, a beach in your backyard and mai tai’s everywhere.Little do they know that when they arrive here at Schofield they are in for rude awakening.

Well I think it’s about time I share my thoughts, seeing as to how I am constantly asked (which by the way I don’t mind) .

I must warn you though some of my thoughts are not pretty, and that everyone’s opinion is different.

Just because I hate it here does not mean you won’t love it.

With that I bring you Hawaii…One Army Wife’s Thoughts: I arrived here in March of 2009 (insert the Hawaiian music here) and as I stepped off the plane and entered into the breezeway in Honolulu International Airport, I took in the scent of the Hawaiian air.

I do not want to ruin the thoughts of what their home will be like , so I usually give them what I like to call a “PR” answer.

This is one of those cliche answers that doesn’t really answer the question , but tries to package nicely.

The Nex is nice to walk around but after you walk around what are you going to do ?

Pearl Ridge Mall was ok until my friend got her pocketbook grabbed by a meth addict during a day time visit, so that pretty much prevented me from wanting to go there by myself.

Schofield is in a small little dumpy town 20 minutes from the North Shore called Wahiawa. I am from NY and let’s just say I would rather walk threw any of those streets then Wahiawa even in the day time.

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