Sims social facebook dating going steady

To gain a relationship with a Sim is to, firstly, make contact with them.You must be Facebook friends with someone and have added them as a Neighbor in the game to initiate a Relationship.Requires that you first be Inseparable and be doing either romantic or friendly interactions to upgrade.

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One of the features of The Sims Social is the ability to have different types of Relationships.

Relationships determine the type of interactions your Sim can have with another Sim.

Requires that you first be Dating and be doing either romantic or friendly interactions to upgrade.

You will be passively downgraded to this level if you do not maintain your Inseparable relationship.

mean interactions are more likely to yield a Fury), a player can maintain relationships easier if they designate different Sims for each nature of Relationship.

For example, a player could repeatedly direct their Sim to be Mean to Bella, in hopes of gaining Fury or unlocking more mean interactions, but remain Friendly to their actual Facebook friends' Sims.

For instance, if a "Close Friends" relationship request fails to send, you can use the Naughty Tail clothing item to initiate a "Naughty Friends" request.

Then use another friendly interaction to re-send the initial request. Relationships degrade over time if you do not visit and interact with your neighbors often.

Friendly and Romantic relationships will passively degrade to Awkward Friends while Mean relationships will passively upgrade to Awkward Friends.

The more extreme relationships (like Inspired BFFs, Inspired Soul Mates or Frenemies) will change much faster than relationships closer to Awkward friends.

After waiting for three days, the request will automatically expire and another attempt can be made.

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