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Do you have old free reprint articles gathering dust?You can transform your article in several ways: - Give it a bullet or number format. [c:0|t:2|false] INTEGER 130989859748411374136349189259839933057 .

List possible titles for the article versions you develop.

If your article is too serious, rewrite it and give it a lighter tone.

When you’re ready to first kiss, a simple glance at their lips can be very rewarding.

Whether you want to kiss a girl or guy make sure you have eye contact, and then momentarily allow your focus to drift down to their lips.

And here are some places you can submit your new article versions: Article lists: - Article Announce (mailto:[email protected]) - Article Submission(mailto:[email protected]) - Free Content (mailto:[email protected]) - Publisher Network (mailto:[email protected]) Article Directories: - 1st In Articles ( - Article ( - Article ( - Article ( - Ezine ( - ( - Go ( - Idea ( - Valuable ( There you have it!

(tm) - a software that generates over 10 *million* Story Sparkers for Writers.

For example, an article titled "Creative Online Marketing" can have these title variations: - "Creative Online Marketing for Webmasters" - "Creative Online Marketing for Small Business Owners" - "Creative Online Marketing for Affiliates" - "Creative Online Marketing for Auctioneers" In the above example, 4 new article versions can be developed simply by being more specific with the target reader.

Go over an article and see if you can expound on a sub-topic, keyword or idea.

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