Secondlife dating not cheating

She has never met him, but, to her husband of nine year's dismay, she is abandoning her family and flying 5,000 miles to London to start a new life with her lover, Elliot.

What makes this website, which has three million members, so compelling?

Second Life is one of several popular massive multi-player online games.

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To its residents, Second Life is a virtual world where residents build a virtual life by using the platform to expand their current interests, strengthen existing real life relationships and explore real world venues.

For some residents, Second Life is an opportunity to explore new interests, meet new people and experiment with new identities that they would not feel comfortable trying in real life. David Canton, a business lawyer in Canada, warns that virtual worlds will lead to more real world lawsuits and controversy, focusing on how real world laws apply to the virtual world.

Its name is Second Life and it’s accessed through the Internet.

Here in this virtual world, each inhabitant is an entirely unique avatar, a fantasy creation that’s usually taller, stronger, fitter, and more attractive than the person controlling it on the other side of the screen…but isn’t a game, it’s a virtual life fueled by real wants and desires.

And for some, when life and love are less than perfect, the escape it offers can be more seductive than the real world. Carolyn is a 37 year-old mother of four in the midst of a passionate affair.

She's spending up to 18 hours a day with her lover online on , the website.

They are played on the internet, though not necessarily through a computer, as many new game consoles can now access the internet.

MMOGs enable players to cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale and sometimes allow players to interact meaningfully with many people around the world, thus increasing in popularity on a global scale.

As people invest real time and money into virtual world, rights to virtual property will be no less important to many in the virtual world than in the real world.

This report will examine privacy in virtual worlds, focusing on Second Life.

Finally, Part IV briefly discusses business data practices within Second Life.

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