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In addition we also support multiple Funcom Game Accounts which draw upon the Master Account (for families for instance).

This way if you have more than one Funcom Game Account (for example, more than one Age of Conan Account) attached to your Funcom Master Account, then all of those game accounts can use the Funcom Points from your pool.

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Everyday Slaves steers the reality trend in a slightly different direction by following the daily exploits of allegedly authentic doms and subs as they serve, debase, truss, trust and obey each other.

An inch fewer than 30 galleries visually document typically standard BDSM practices in high-quality digital pictures.

Yes, you can share Funcom points on all available games that use Funcom points like ‘Anarchy Online’, ‘Bloodline Champions’ and any other Funcom games that support Funcom Points, provided these are all tied to the same account-name.

Normally, transactions will be within 30 minutes if all payment information is correct.

Funcom Points that are used at the in-game shop will display instantly within the Funcom in-game shop window.

Yes, all characters on one account share the same pool of Funcom Points.

However, due to the amount of transactions we deal with on any given day, sometimes payments will be delayed due to the high amount of traffic.

You may also find transactions pending due to issues that crop up during the transaction process due to incorrect payment information to fraud checks, and even sources beyond our control like your bank.

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They can not use certain chat and mail options and may only send private messages (tells) to players who are their friends. Funcom Points are the same as points used for the character transfer or name change service.

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