Realy free chat

However, most of them seem to be guys and you can very easily get banned.If you like the idea of chatting with total stangers and don’t mind the possibility of getting a bit naughty, then Chat Roulette is not for you.

In this mode, you will always get the first turn even if your opponent’s mech is stronger than yours.

In the single player mode, you will only enjoy credit rewards and some experience.

You can decide to choose an opponent by yourself, or you can allow the game’s servers to match you with another player.

As you understand this is the best way to spend a good time with you friends or may be alone.

These rings are located next to you individual Mech status.

Within the gameplay, each of the opponents is given two action points that give you room to make choices and when all your action points are depleted it becomes your opponent’s turn.

The game features some of the most attractive themes and music tones that are fascinating.

Super Mechs is a strategy game that is free to play.

Some of these websites are purely meant for video chatting, but they serve as the perfect platform for people looking for something else.

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