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I don't think anyone at that party was wearing regular clothes.

Most of the men were sporting jackets and vests with bare chests underneath, and several women were wearing sexy lingerie.

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In fact, the whole crowd wasn't quite what I expected.

Nerds and hipsters of all ages were in attendance, and at any given time, at least half of the party-goers were making out with each other in their own adorable little nooks and/or during games of spin the bottle.

I figured, at worst, "What Happened When I Attended A Makeout Party" would make for a great story. Well, I'd get to spend my Friday night making out with some beautiful men and women instead of eating cheap pizza, watching Netflix, masturbating, and passing out before midnight.

So after a day of sweat-inducing anticipation, I got stoned AF with a couple of friends, piled in an Uber, and journeyed to the candlelit Brooklyn loft where it would all go down.

On top of that, before my friends and I were even allowed to enter the party, the doorman went through the rules with us.

He explained that every single party-goer — male and female — was required to ask for permission before kissing or touching anyone else.

It was diverse, and there was no distinction between the "cool kids" and everyone else, the way I've seen it in so many bars and parties here in Brooklyn.

When I get serious with someone, I get seriously monogamous.

Before the doorman could let me enter the party, he had to verify that my coat wasn't hiding a boring outfit. Almost immediately after he asked me to unzip, he added, "I'm sure it will be fine, but ..." Then, the second he saw I was wearing a crop top, he let me in.

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