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Ho 24 anni, ho dei cappelli neri e molto lunghi, occhi castani e ho una carnagione mulatta. Nel tempo libero cucino o ascolto musica, attulmente non lavoro ma sono diplomata.

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Being native Moroccans, we’ve spent decades unearthing the very best of the Maghreb to create an extraordinary Morocco Travel Experience unmatched by any other Morocco Travel Agency.

For your Morocco Adventure Tour, we offer deluxe accommodations ranging from traditional boutique style Riad hotels in the cities to luxurious Berber tents in the Moroccan desert.

Over the past decade, it has taken a series of bold steps to diversify its energy mix, particularly in the electricity sector, and energy efficiency has also been identified as a national priority.

In 2007, the IEA and the Moroccan energy ministry signed a Memorandum of Understanding (Mo U) on energy co-operation, focussing on the areas of energy policy, statistics, research and development and the exchange of information.

I am active and strong Usually casual, but will dress for the occasion if required Friendly lady for friendship and intimacy Hi everyone. I am a simple person who likes to enjoy small pleasures. I love listening to jazz and blues and doing a karaoke from time to time.

From fabulous fetes and corporate retreats to Moroccan fashion shoots and event planning, we help companies create once-in-a-lifetime Morocco Travel Adventures.

Two Moroccan agencies, the Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) and the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) are members of the technology collaborative programme focusing on solar chemical technologies, Solar PACES.

Solar PACES is one of 39 such technology collaboration programmes (TCP) supported by the IEA.

IEA and Morocco plan to develop new joint programmes under Association to support Morocco in its transition toward a low-carbon economy.

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