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Karen Walker's put-upon but faithful maid portrayed by actress Shelley Morrison.

In 1985, Rosario met Karen Walker at a club, while working as a cigarette lady, and went to work for her as a maid, which was where she was working when the series began in 1998.

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Rosario actually speaks English fluently, albeit with a thick accent, but is an illegal alien.

To keep her in the country, Karen has her marry Jack Mc Farland, her gay friend, to get a green card.

Leads Michele Pawk, Carey Anderson and John Dossett were treated to a surprise from producer Judy Craymer on Septembr 28.

The London-based producer met the new cast for the first time when she stopped by the New 42nd Street Studios to see how her dancing queens are doing.

Many of London’s theatres date back to the 19th or early 20th centuries, and are often filled with lavish neo-classical and art deco features.

Today, London is home to almost 40 theatres, and continues to go from strength-to-strength, with a record breaking 14.5 million London theatre tickets sold in 2013.

Meanwhile, the longest running musical is Les Miserables, which has been wowing crowds for over thirty years – having opened in October 1985 (and not far behind is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic, The Phantom of the Opera, which opened the following year).

Another record-breaking musical is Disney’s The Lion King, which has earned more than billion worldwide.

While there, she also performed with a then-unknown Jennifer Lopez, including a production of "Tea for Two" at the Shalom Retirement Center.

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