Maintain friendships while dating

Often times, I've noticed that people I date have friends/family who are constantly reaching out to them.

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I'm used to being on my own and so my lifestyle kind of revolves around that.

I've dated plenty and had some LTRs but the things that have remained constant in my life are my friends (and of course family which I am very close to).

The topic of my friends always comes up in my dating life so it's something I'm used to talking about with potential partners. I have board gaming friends, disc golf friends, sports friends, trivia friends, video gaming friends, wrestling friends, childhood friends, work friends, and on and on.

Some of these groups overlap but suffice it to say that I have a very full life.

“Most of my opposite sex friends are exes,” she told me. ” she nodded, and in an instant I knew why this beautiful woman was batting .000 in the online big leagues. The issue is “What can a new love reasonably ask you to do for the sake of the relationship? Years ago my modern, liberal, cool guy response to this question would be “of course not.” Aren’t we all adults? You may know that this connection is dormant and unlikely to ever come to life, but you must acknowledge that it has come to life many times for many other people.

When I explained to her that many, many people don’t want their partner to maintain a relationship with ex lovers she was indignant, “Why do I want to end a great long-term friendship because I’ve started dating a new person who doesn’t like it? Can’t two people of the opposite sex be friends without any residual spark? It’s so common that it isn’t unreasonable that your new partner has some concerns about it.I have cultivated these friendships over a lifetime of doing interesting things and getting involved in different hobbies.Most of my closest friends I have known since I was a kid and I still hang out with them and see them often.Some of my best friends moved away and 2-3 times a year we all rent a lake house and travel in to hang out for a weekend.I have friends that visit from out of town and crash at my place or just meet up for a drink or two.With some of my friends, they are generally unavailable for one to two months before I can see them.

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