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Some escort agencies in Bucharest with pretty models are First Class Bucharest Escorts and Special Escort.

It is hard to imagine any other city in Eastern Europe where so many independent escorts are targeting foreign clients.

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Also on other spots on Magheru you have a chance to pick up street walkers.

In the nearbye Mendeleev street you can also spot working girls.

Taking a girl to your own hotel or apartment is definitely a less risky scenario.

There are plenty of agencies offering fair prized apartments like Easy Rental, Accommodation in Bucharest, Timisoara Hotels, Rom Vision and City Comfort.

In our overview Bucharest escorts you can find listed much more prostitutes in Bucharest Bucharest (Bucuresti) is full of erotic bars, strip joints and night clubs.

In the prestigious Private Gentlemen’s Club on Magheru Boulevard 12-14 near the Intercontinental Hotel you can spend intimate time in luxurious private rooms.

The most well known is probably salon Mon Amour Massage on Caderea Bastiliei street 72, owned by the most famous Romanian porn star Alina Plugaru.

Her staff of around 10 girls waits you there for the salon’s speciality: erotic massage with whipped cream.

On Tache Ionescu you should be on guard since the lady’s pimps are usually around the corner.

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