Longines dating movements dating firearms by serial number

Mainspring / Battery For mechanical watches the mainspring is described.

The leading Flume number (Zf....) indicates a standard spring with end hook.

If the high bid is missing, the item wasn't sold, e.g. But this is also market reality, and therefore such items are included.

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It is followed by the dimensions in the order width, inner barrel diameter, strength, length.

A missing Flume number indicates a spring with unusual dimensions, special terminal, or for automatics a spring with fixed slip spring.

For electrical/electronical watches identifiers for the battery or detailled informations are given Further Data The archive is continuously enhanced, and further data are included.

Presently the display of the following not yet complete data is enabled: F mounting height, distance between dial plane* and mounting flange.

T stem height, distance between dial plane* and stem center.

Hands: Here the hole diameters of hands are listed, starting with the slowest hand (mostly hour) and ending with the fastest (mostly second).If a not permanently fixed dial spacer is supplied with the movement. Many market data bases are accessible for everyone.Useful are only data accompanied by detailled descriptions of the items.Balance Staff, Stem Here the Flume order numbers are given, occasionally the order numbers of other sources.Even if these numbers don't always help, together with the search function they give a chance to find a donor movement with the same parts.Power Reserve From published source or own measurements.

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