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JS: She could have filed a Chapter 7, but it wouldn’t help her cure the arrearage on her residence.

We’ve agreed she’s going to eventually file a Chapter 13.

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I had a case where a woman couldn’t afford to come up with money herself, but she had a rich uncle who stepped in and gave her a sum of money equivalent to what the trustee wanted to prevent him from taking and selling her house.

Otherwise, what most people have to do is file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan to pay back to their creditors, over a three- to five-year period, as much or more money than they would have received had the house been taken and liquidated.

We figure out how much would the trustee in a Chapter 7 have received for doing all of that work and liquidating—the trustee gets a percentage of every dollar they collect for the creditors—so we can subtract that amount out.

What’s left over is a reduced amount that has to be paid or distributed amongst all of the creditors during that three- to five-year period.

A person’s take-home pay must exceed $217.50 per week before they can be garnished.

In addition, some sources of income, like Social Security and veteran’s benefits, are exempt—off-limits—from garnishment.

Jess Smith, III: On the other hand, I had a woman come in to see me recently and she hardly has any income, but her name is on the deed of an ex-boyfriend’s piece of lien-free real estate that is worth ,000.

Therefore, she had to pay 100% of her debts to protect that property.

So let’s say you have an ,000 house and you only owe ,000 on it, so there’s ,000 of equity.

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