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But Zionist Jews now fear that American public opinion, which traditionally has been sympathetic to Israel, will have a ‘change of heart’ - especially due to the current economic downturn.

The day after Julia Peck says she was sexually assaulted by an Israeli soldier on her trip with Birthright Israel, she had thoughts of jumping in front of a bus.

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Klatzkin argued that the only meaningful goal for Zionism was regaining the land of Israel.

Along with this goal, Klatzkin called all Jewish assimilationists, “traitors to their Judaism.” Klatzkin maintained, in opposition to the assimilationists, that the spiritual definition of Judaism should lead to national chauvinism: “In the face of Anti-Semitism, we Jews must insist on the rightfulness of our own nationalism.

In truth, the Zionists have both fueled and perpetrated this enmity between Jews and Gentiles in their vindication of a ‘Jewish’ homeland in Palestine.

Zionist Jews, with their decades of propaganda via the Jewish-occupied press and media, would have the world believe that the founding and continuation of the Jewish state of Israel is a positive and progressive endeavor. The idea of a Jewish state, is, at its roots, a , laid down the full implications of the Zionist approach to a Jewish homeland.

Spring break came, then final exams, and then the quad filled with chairs and tents for graduation and the class of 2014 donned their robes.

Peck expected, she says now, that when she heard back, she’d get some words of sympathy and the promise of change, a guarantee that something would be done to curtail the combination of hook-up pressure, spring-break partying, and romanticization of planned encounters between Israeli soldiers and American women on Birthright that made her own assault feel “fated.” Raised in Jewish youth groups, Peck was sure someone cared.

and the bestial ‘Jewish’ state it has produced, has now come to the fore.

Zionist Jews are currently working around the clock to deal with these threats.

Peck brought her allegations to our attention, Hillel has worked tirelessly to investigate and address the issue” and to engage with her on ideas to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Berger added that Hillel adheres to all Birthright policies regarding “the reporting and addressing” of incidents on these trips.

Thus, Netanyahu is marshalling all Israel’s resources, including an active role for President Peres, to avoid dropping into the role of a third-rate Middle East power whom no one consults.

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