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These religious rites are a mixture of Christian and Tarahumara beliefs.

The Tarahumara Indians also have celebrations at other times such as at the end of harvest time.

They also have their own events such as "foot throwing" or Rarjparo which is a game using a small wooden ball "thrown by the foot" by teams in races that sometimes last for days.

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Traditional clothing for the Tarahumara consists of a white cloth shirt, sometimes with colorful prints, white cloth pants or wraparounds with colorful belts or accessories. Running has always been a tradition and necessity of the Tarahumara.

Headbands of cloth usually red are worn upon the head. It is their only mode of transportation and many of the small communities are far apart.

In their daily lives, they regularly cover large distances, much of it vertical, by jogging.

It is not their running speed, but their stamina which is exceptional; Tarahumaras are known to hunt deer by chasing them until the deer drops from exhaustion.

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The Tarahumara or Raramuri (running people), as they call themselves, inhabit Copper Canyon region (also called Sierra Tarahumara) of northwest Mexico.

Rarmuri, meaning foot runners is an appropriate name for these primitive people.

As a source of revenue during lean times, the Tarahumaras make and sell their traditional crafts including pottery, drums and woven grass baskets. The Tarahumara baskets are known the world around for their high quality.

The sale of crafts brings in much needed money for food and medicine.

The Tarahumara are a quiet and considerate people who are expert farmers and runners.

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