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I kind of wondered if she'd accidentally peed a litttle.While we talked I sneakily moved the drapes by her bed open a little, preparing for my recon later.Then I very quietly and carefully went outside to the porch that surrounded this side of the house.

Friends and family used to call us the triplets as my sister and cousin looked very much alike.

The two girls liked the idea and even went so far as making sure their hair was done the same, wearing the same clothes sometimes. My aunt and uncle lived in a very old, very large house which we all enjoyed.

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I was about 16 when I noticed that my cousin and my twin sister seemed to be almost flirtatious with each other. My cousin Polly was the same age as my sister and I.

I'd catch them at breakfast kind of playing footsie when they thought no one was looking. This was the seventies and for some reason girls' pajama's were usually a baby doll kind of nighty.

At nights they'd spend time in the bathroom together. The bathroom door to my room was uncharecteristically being locked and they even hung a towel over the keyhole so I couldn't see in. Very short top, nearly (but not quite) transparent with very brief bikini panties.

Beth and Polly's build was very athletic, lean almost to skinny with A cup breasts, and tight small asses. I tried to hide both the fact that I was getting hard and I was staring at her crotch.

She didn't seem to notice but it looked like the crotch of her panties had a dark spot.

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