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by Seanait (Original Team) Tides Of Memory by Lady Leptopus (Original Team) Voices Calling by Emrys Rollings (Original Team) A Jack Tale by SEF (Original Team) The Long And Winding Yellow Brick Road by Sideburns Two Sides Of The Coin by Dith Wickedness Rewarded by zoodenizen Loki's Curse by Jonah in the Whale Survival by Feather Autant AWOL by Lady Grey Wanted!

by Debi C Falling Through Grace by Bren Ren (Jack/Sam) Mist Of Eros by Rosemary Klein-Robbins (Jack/Sam) Shogonate by Anakin (Jack/Sam) Affairs Of The Heart by Anaika Skywalker (Jack/Sam, Harm/Mac, Daniel/Ceri) The Bad Bet by Rysler (Sam/Janet) Thunder Follow Me by Cofax (Daniel/Janet) The Dirt Of Sowing And Reaping by Salieri (Daniel/Sam) The Little Red Engine That Could by Ana Lyssie Cotton (Jack/Sam) Mirror Image by Greesha (Daniel/Sha're) Quantum Attraction by Havoc (Daniel/Sam) Goodbye To Dreams by Babs and Devra A Little Misundersanding by Alphekka Wheels by Brighid New York Rendezvous by Carron Complications by Darcy A Heart For Every Fate by Destina Fortunato The Potter by Gateroller Gold by Jude Five Careers Jack Or Daniel Never Had by Mara Celes The Other Side Of Me by Mitch A Dirty Dozen Reasons by Mystic Masterpiece by Pie The Dirt Of Sowing And Reaping by Salieri Serpent In The Shadows by Selenay Pygmalion by Sistine The Gift by Aeryn A Long Time Coming by Venom_69 After All by Little Red Earned by Indie A Chance To Tell by Ruralstar Is This What You Fought The War For by Nostalgia Left Behind by Elly Reality Check by Sue Corkill Goodbye To Dreams by Babs and Devra Trust by Becca W In A House Made Of Sycamore by Brighid Firestorm by Deb A Unmade by Destina Fortunato If Only You'd Say by Isis For Each Ecstatic Instant by Dith Divergence by Eos Best Served Cold by Imagine Crystal Rain by Joolz Witness by Kalimyre Gemini by Lady Grey The Professor Emeritus by maaseru Willemakee by Mary Jane One Good Reason by Pepe Minnesota Sunset by Taz Weakness by The Grrrl Sahishir, The Greatest of All Gods by d.kelley Desolation Angels by Salieri Cascading Events by Dangermouse (Relationship: Multiple M/M Pairings) Forever And Ever Amen by Robin K (Daniel) Of Errant Archaeologists And Secret Societies by Brenna (Daniel) Adventures by spikewil (Relationship: Jack/Daniel) More Than Moon by Connor (Relationship: Jack/Daniel) Tatters by Martha (Relationship: Jack/Daniel) Puzzle Pieces by Lady Ra (Relationship: Jack/Daniel) Memory's Muse by Starblade (Relationship: Jack/Daniel) One Day Out West by Zorro Rojo and Robin Serrano (Relationship: Daniel/Magnificent Seven) Garden Series 3: The Garden Of Stone by Lady Grey Fucked by Unseen To Take Wholeheartedly by Read300300 Waking Nightmare by Elizabeth Lea Battle Of The Mind by Becstar7 Rough Trade by dith Man Is A Wolf To Man by Otter On The Back Of The Tiger by Otter (Daniel/Sarah) A Sordid Bit Of Business by Ana Lyssie Cotton (Sam/Multiple Male) Sacrifices by Elektra Pendragon (Martouf/Hebron, Lantash/Hebron, Martouf/Tanith, Lantash/Tanith) Security Risk by Rysler (Sam/Janet) The End Of The World by The X-Woman (Sam/Janet BBQ by Sel (Janet/Jacob) Feather Lie by Julia Selch (Jack/Sam) Perfection by Jenifer Ranieri (Jack/Sam) Forbidden by Gracelesslady (Janet/Jacob) Admiring From Afar by Starshadow (Sam/Malek) Taking Me by Pagan Twylight (Malek/Tauri Female) Dream Of Minnesota by Devra & Joa G A Heart For Every Fate by Destina Fortunato Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Sideburns Crossing The Line by Lady Ra Pavlov by Kalimyre If A Tree Falls by The Grrrl Incarcerated by The Space Monkey Just Like Old Times by Eos The Reason Why by Doctor V Two Sides Of The Coin by Dith Willemakee by Mary Jane Go Towards The Light by Ruralstar (Jack/Sam) Blood Of My Heart, Beloved Of My Soul by Pagan twilight (Sam/Martouf/Lantash) Past Memories by Gwen (Sam/Martouf) Unreasonable by Dith (Daniel/Sam) A Bargain, A Lady by Chelley Bean (Camulus/Captain Jessica O'Fallon) Staring Into The Abyss by Michelle (Sam/Janet) P3X-595: Or, What The Captain Didn't Wear by Blaze (Sam/Janet) Loose Threads by Carron (Jack/Daniel) First Order Of Business by devra (Jack/Daniel) Scoot Over by Marcia (Jack/Daniel) Repeat Again From The Start by Otter (Jack/Daniel) Welcome Aboard The Daniel Jackson by SEF (Jack/Daniel) Weakness by The Grrrl (Jack/Daniel) Intervals 48 by Joy (Jack/Daniel) Body Heat by Angyl (Daniel/Paul Davis) Finding A Way To Sing by Starblade (Jack/Paul Davis) Annule 4: It's Never Too Late For A Happy Mail Call by Kenaf Archaeologists Are Best Served Hot by Colonel Sock Avenging Jaffa by Sideburns Used To It by Carolyn Claire That Big Band Sound by Teand Hovering by Devra FB: Your Slash Writing by Mitch 12 Hours Best Forgotten by Clarity Offworld Relief by Saladscream Love In A Many Splintered Thing by Eos Luck Of The Irish by Phoenix What's Up Doc by Nicci Welcome Aboard The Daniel Jackson by SEF Reason #436 (Sequel to "Reason #435...") by The Grrrl Hook by Kalimyre Final Justice by Orrymain This Player Here, But In A Fiction by Martha The Evolution Of Love by bjs2cents As The Chevrons Lock by Oneof Ardia & Babs & Kalee & Joa G & Deb A & devra Dream Of Minnesota by devra and Joa G Survival by Feather Autant There Are No Words by Paddy Without Warning by Joa G The Mind Doesn't Decide by Word Geek Right Here Waiting by Pepe Wickedness Rewarded by zoodenizen Role Reversal by Tricia Byrne (Jack/Sam) Virtuoso Mine by samjackdestiny (Jack/Sam) Come To Grief: The Tok'ra by Courser (Daniel/Sam) What Carter Likes by Rysler (Sam/Janet/Jack) Passion Play by Celievamp (Sam/Janet) The Long And Winding Yellow Brick Road by Sideburns (Jack/Daniel Relationship) Forever Love by Debi C (Jack/Daniel Friendship) But Liquor Is Quicker by Myste (Jack/Daniel Relationship) Two Sides Of The Coin by Dith (Jack/Daniel Relationship) Loki's Curse by Jonah in the Whale (Jack/Daniel Relationship) Growing Pains by Sistine (Jack/Daniel Relationship) The Daddy Series by Lady Arkin (Jack/Daniel Relationship) Exile's Gate by Elizabeth Carter (Sam/Janet) Jakaira in Roots by Lady Grey Usiel in Champions Gate by Elizabeth Carter Lt. Karen Griffin in Go Towards The Light by Ruralstar Mickey in Can I Have A Refund On This Body Part 3 by Belladonna Hatoyama Shigeru in Two Sides Of The Coin by Dith Evander in Dream Of Minnesota by devra and Joa G Jones in A Mad Wind (Series) by Mitch Slow Dances by Gail Delaney Back To Reality by Shiaw Mei Mei Circles by aerynsg1 Eternity In A Lover's Embrace by Jade Learned By Heart, Kept In Mind by Karibou Limos, Foyers and Bedrooms by Jenifer Ranieri Needing Jack by Telkena Pool Table by CJay Monkey Screaming by SGCBearcub Pure Love by ninja_girl Ur by Eliza Breaking The Code by Lady Grey Two Years by Angyl Good Intentions by Berty Wings by Carron Stumbling Home by chelle Catalyst by Destina Miracles In Bloom by Devra For Each Ecstatic Instant by Dith M and M by Feather Autant The Dating Series by Imagine Circumstances by Joy I Wanna Come Over by Jude Minnesota by Kylie Lee Willemakee by Mary Jane His Voice by mor_tru No Time Like The Present by Mystic How Daniel Got His Groove Back by Nel Tangled Web by Nicci Inevitability by Orithain & Rina Grounded by Pares One Good Reason by Pepe Five Things That Always Happen To Daniel Jackson by Sage Temenos by Seanchaidh The Space Within by The Grrrl Like Touch Like Love by The Grrrl and Kylie Lee The Mind Doesn't Decide by Word Geek Driving Me Crazy by Ximeria by kd3 (Jack/Janet) Stolen Moments by Tricia Byrne (Jack/Janet) Fat Bottom Girls by CJay (Jack/Crystal) Transpositions: Changes In The Key Of Life by Fictional Diva (Jack/Anna) Accidentally In Love by jakefanatic (Janet/Jacob) Concessions by elly427 (Jack/Sam/Daniel) Forbidden by Geonn (Janet/Jacob) The Winds Of Change by Orithain & Rina (Malek/Jetha/Rya'c) by Dinkydow (Friendship) Angel Of Mercy by Jeannette Simpson (Relationship) Evolution by Divine Joker and Tricia Byrne (Relationship) Torture by majorellenetcarter - aka - Shona Hawkins (Relationship) The Garden Series by Lady Grey The Annule Series by D.

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by Sophie All-Star by splash the cat Folgers SG-1 by teryl_brat42 Stargate: The Beginning by Urgo Waiting for the Aliens by Wickmoo Krwlng by Woody Jackslash Amanda Chevron 26 Cheyenne Mountain Humworthy Kawoosh!

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Stillie (Daniel/Janet) Longtime Sunshine by Misty Valentine (Daniel/Janet) Comfort Food by Fox Trot (Jack/Daniel) Echoes of Autumn by Moonshayde (Jack) Legendary by Abby Eddey (Jack) The Asgard Sequence by Gumnut (Jack) Bitter Consequences (Gen Version) by Maureen Thayer (Original Team) Straws by Celtic Angel (Friendship: Jack/Daniel) Longing For Home by Meg TDJ (Relationship: Daniel/Sha're) What Will It Take?

by SG1 Fanfic (Relationship: Jack/Sam) Rose O'Neill in Miracles In Bloom by Devra Major Ellenet Morgan Yon- Carter in Major Ellnet Morgan Yon/Carter by Shona Hawkins JJ in Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Sideburns Solen in Honor Bound by Evil Jr Scar in Scar by Joag Kat O'Neil in You Had Forgotten by Kiya 2 Sassy aka Molly O'Connor in by lingren Falling Through Grace by Bren Ren Karma by Annerb Little Miss Brown Eyes by Fawna Love Sick by Snowflake Shona Nothing Special by Cjay Perfect Future by Jackie W.

by SG1 Fanfic Ain't It The Way by Miss Ann Thropic Being There Series by Su Freund Blink Of An Eye by Jo R Circles: Part Two by aeryn Oak Leaves And Eagles by Dust Devil and Andrea M Guarding The Gate by Rowan Darkstar Hearts Series by Fulinn28 Memory by Icedheat One More Day With You by SGAnge L S Is For...

by Sam I Am Slipped Away by ninja_girl Small Gestures by Manda's Girl Try To Remember by Quinndolynn Who They Are by Gail R.

To sort by genre and category, please select an option from the left navigation area. by SG1 Fanfic After This by Otter (Jack/Daniel) Gazing Into by Aftyn Victoria (Sam/Martouf) Lantash by Meushell (Sam/Lantash/Narim) Stasis by Heather Anderson (Sam/Martouf) What You Already Know: Part 1 - Evolution (Ship Version) by Maureen Thayer (Daniel/Sam) A Heart For Every Fate by Destina Fortunato Never Turn Back Time by Devra Two Or Three Things You Know For Sure by Merrin Transitions: The Next Ten Months by Orrymain Through The Looking Glass by Nicci Kissing Sam Carter by Rysler (Sam/Janet) Paladin by Mac (Mac Gate Fan) (Daniel/Janet) Second Front by Grav (Daniel/Janet) Second Chances by Ellie11 (Daniel/Megan) Veritas by Medie (Jack/Janet) Beginnings by Marianne H.

by Flatkatsi New York Rendezvous by Carron The Mind Doesn't Decide by Word Geek The Knife's Edge of Madness by Strix Varia Two Sides Of The Coin by Dith Thyself, Unknown by Miss Ann Thropic What Will It Take?

However, they arrive to discover that he has just passed... It is also a subtle, yet brutal, comment on Latin culture as far as sex is concerned.

See full summary » In the celebration of the day of the political prisonner the victims of the Franco repression meet in the jail of Valencia. The reaction of the two boys after realizing they have made love is purely Latin fear.

Stillie (Jonas/Cassie) What Might Come To Pass by Amanda Eros (Jonas/Original Character) Secret Origins by Tana Oneill (Jack/Original Character) A Mournful Rustling by Otter A Hero's Return by Karen Greim Mullian Here We Go Again by Tiv'ester Loneliness by Raven25 Memory Recall by Joa G Privation by The Flaming Dragonfly Egyptian Erotica: Another Ten Months by Orrymain Rising From The Abyss by The One Ring Strategic Differences by Jb Terms of Endorsment by Travelling One Duality by Moonshayde The Current of Time by Sel Dear Tolerance For Lies by Rowan Darkstar Another Day In The Stars by Arrietty Before Midday by Otter Crash And Burn by Tracy Drowning by Aeryn Facade by Moonshayde Head Trip by Chopin Gal Overtime by SG1Fanfic Salt, Tequila, Lime by Claira Scars by Amy L Hull The Blue Feather by Lt.

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