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I like knowing that they are looking at me and thinking about how I would look naked.I always enjoyed the attention, but until this incident I had never gone past the teasing stage. At the time this happened, my husband Jake was 24 years old. He fucked me on our third date and I fell in love with him immediately. Jake would always tell me I was lucky to have a husband with a huge cock. I still enjoyed the fact that other men would look at me, even when I was out with Jake. I had worn a pretty skimpy bikini and I had noticed Jake’s dad, Andy, staring at my body when he thought no one was looking.

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I sucked it in a little at a time, pumping the shaft with my hand and taking as much of him as I could, while he lay back groaning with pleasure. I was so excited then that I came a little myself just taking care of this horse cock.

Not only was it much bigger than Jake’s, Andy’s pole pulsed and jerked a lot more when he came, and there was a lot more come.

The way he was built I got so much stimulation, I lost track of how many times I came.

He filled me up with his come and I knew then just how lucky I was, like Jake had said but not for the reason he gave.

I moved closer to him and whispered that I thought he had a bigger cock than the man on the TV.

He smiled and took my hand and moved it onto his big dick. It felt so damn firm and hot, it made me think of pictures I had seen of a horse. I said, “Andy, Jake told me his cock was really big and I was a lucky girl to have a husband with such a big one.” Andy chuckled. I stroked him with my hand and heard him tell me that he had had a hard on many times since he met me and always wanted me to see it.

On the TV screen, the two people were making out and feeling each other up.

It looked like the young girl was stroking the man’s crotch, although we couldn’t really see anything.

Since that time Andy and I have sex pretty much all the time. Jake never seemed to be surprised that I would want to spend almost every weekend at the in-laws.

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