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Rather than have only a small quantity of cum leak out tonight you'll experience a flood of black Namibian baby making juice flowing into your mouth." "Thanks for the heads up.I'm setting my mind up to love the taste knowing if it weren't for the black cum draining out of them, none of this would be happening." "Jack, that's exactly how you should view it.

Emma must first lose her virginity to Kaimbi, and then fully accommodate Witbooi." "Accommodate his monster cock the night she loses her virginity?

That's sort of pushing things, no pun intended." "If you all work together it can, and has, been done.

I know it's your daughter's first time and your wife's first huge black cock so any comfort you can give them is wonderful.

It might give Emma some comfort if you easy his cock into her vagina and then pop her hymen with a quick thrust." "We've already talked about me doing that." "Great to see you're all communicating so well together.

***** Coming up to the master bedroom, Esau had the native warrior strip and stand for inspection, while Chloe and Emma were touching up their makeup in the bathroom.

Witbooi's cock of course was tremendous, an uncut three inch diameter foot long black hanging radiator hose.

He credits this to his hyperactive balls and prostate which produced the huge volume of seed enabling to enjoy incredible orgasms which made this teeth tingle.

The only problem was satisfying the wife, not being long enough to reach her 'G' spot or thick enough to produce sufficient friction.

If your family draws the Damaras both Chloe and Emma must be able to accommodate them." "I see," he said dejectedly, thinking their chances of staying in Namibia were less than fifty-fifty with his daughter's naturally tight cunt being the stumbling block. " "I know, I'm responsible for clean up." "Jack you will be judged on not only what you do, but also how you do it. If you gag, make a bad face, or leave cum uneaten it will show disrespect to both them and their tribe.

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