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"He said that this and the pressure he was under at work and his medication caused him to behave in the way that he did."He said one of the women he had met on the chat lines had asked him to lend her some money and that he had taken some money from a client account to give to her. "He said that having done it once he got carried away, began spending his own client's money and got sucked into a self-destructive mode." The court heard Taylor's victims had dementia or lived in care homes and were robbed of sums between £1200 and £400,000.

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One woman of 87 who lived in a care home passed away after her account was plundered of £3,000 and at the time of her death her estate had insufficient funds to pay for her funeral and the local council had to subsidise her funeral.

Another old lady of 87 who suffered from dementia, lost £107,500 from her accounts whilst a woman aged 86 lost £399,000 after Taylor was able to get access to their bank accounts.

Taylor was eventually arrested after police raided his offices in July 2013 after concerns about his activities.

When police asked one of his victims why she thought Taylor had taken her money and she replied, 'perhaps he thought I was an old woman not here for long and had no use for it.' Taylor initially claimed he had taken some of the money to pay a tax bill claiming 'he had been daft.' He claimed wis practice, which had been running since 1990, had been 'reasonably successful' and accounts showed the firm had made a profit of £164,000 the previous year.

The thefts occurred after Taylor became addicted to adult sex chatlines on a website called Adult Works following an operation on his hips in 2009 which left him in pain and unable to sleep.

Andrew Mac Intosh, prosecuting, said: "He said in 2010 he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and that at around the same time his son had had a breakdown and had to be taken out of university."I do not intend to paint him as a victim but looking at his life today you might be forgiven to think what more can be done to punish him than has already affected his life.His life came to disarray from the time of his diagnosis with Parkinson's diseases and his access to adult sites and obsessions came to grow out of control." Passing sentence the judge Mr Justice Peter Openshaw said: "Some of the victims were understandably outraged at the deceit practiced against them.But he then admitted using the accounts of his clients for his own secret "play account" which he used to "muck around".Mr Mac Intosh added: "The defendant was taken through his bank accounts and the payments made to the women whose names appeared on the accounts.In mitigation defence counsel Miss Kate Blackwell QC said her client's son, who had suffered with Schizophrenia took his own life a few months ago.

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