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Because a file with the same basic name and properties already existed, Dropbox wasn’t able to create the new file on our end.

This isn’t always a problem, but it can be if the sun and moon are aligned in a certain way.

This problem usually resolves itself after three days, so clearing the cache is rarely an absolute must.

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Once this is done, you’re free to empty your Recycle Bin and go about your day.

Here’s how: At this point, if all is well, you can empty your recycle bin.

That’s perfectly fine, especially if you’re downloading files which have been suddenly made available to you after clearing up whatever was clogging the tubes.

The important thing is that the infinite loop is gone and files are beginning to upload/download normally once again.

If wiping out the cache doesn’t clear the jam, you might consider quitting the Dropbox application and relaunching it.

Should that fail to work, rebooting your computer would be a reasonable next step.

The vast majority of home networks out there don’t run through a proxy.

This is usually a tool implemented by enterprise-level IT.

Deleting your Dropbox cache on OS X is very much like it is in Windows. Not all sync issues are caused by conflicts in the cache.

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