parents should prohibit kids from dating - Direct dating of gold by radiogenic helium

(For example, see Mc Dougall and Harrison, 1999, p.10, for discussions on the uniformity of the K decay rate.) How can the scientific method function if anyone is allowed to conjure up miracles to explain away any problem or scenario that they don't like?Humphreys has replied to some of Meert's criticisms. Unless privacy issues are involved, authors should identify their opponents and the opponents' literature so that readers can readily evaluate both sides of an issue and fairly make up their own minds.

direct dating of gold by radiogenic helium-22

However, other errors and uncertainties completely undermine any confidence in Humphreys et al.'s claims.

When performing research, scientists must carefully follow all quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) procedures. The ratios of measured helium to theoretical radiogenic helium (Q/Q YECs might argue that because Precambrian granodiorites and gneisses were all magically zapped into existence during the six 24-hour days of the "Creation Week" (e.g., Snelling and Woodmorappe, 1998, p.

(2003a) initially concluded that the zircons must only be 4,000 to 14,000 years old. (2003b; 2004) and Humphreys (2003), the "age" of the zircons was further restricted to 6,000 ± 2,000 years (one sigma standard deviation using the "biased" equation [i.e., n and not n-1 in the denominator; Davis, 1986, p. To avoid any accusations of heresy from other YECs, Humphreys et al. 11) use a reprehensible YEC tactic that authentic scientists would never consider - they invoke a miracle. Because YECs are often willing to "resolve" any problems or prop up any of their religious ideas with unfalsifiable ad hoc miracles, they really don't produce scientific results or models.

must "reconcile" their helium diffusion results with their 1.5 billion year old U/Pb dates in a manner that only favors their religious agenda. In contrast, scientists work to rationally solve problems rather than making them vanish with a "Bible wand." Clearly, if Humphreys et al.

or anyone else want to reject natural processes and invoke magic to protect their religious, political or philosophical doctrines from rebuttal, then they have the responsibility of presenting definitive evidence of a miracle.

As explained below, the discussions in Humphreys et al.This is an archived copy of the orginal version of Dr. Humphreys' reply raises even more questions about the quality and accuracy of his work, including his ability to distinguish an intrusive igneous rock (biotite granodiorite) from a partially veined strongly foliated (metamorphic) gneiss. Humphreys' questions the sincerity of his former religious beliefs. (2003a) and related documents are completely unreliable.Henke's FAQ on young-earth creationist claims about zircons and helium. The chemistry of the light and dark layers of this gneiss do not even resemble a granodiorite. Humphreys has undermined the veracity of his creationist "model." Rather than emphasizing a pretty diagram (Figure 2 in this reply) that can provide dates from hundreds to millions of years, Dr. Humphreys properly deals with all of these issues, he cannot expect his work to be taken seriously in authentic peer-reviewed geology journals. Because radiometric dating methods conflict with their biblical interpretations, young-Earth creationists (YECs) desperately want to undermine the reliability of these methods.Not surprisingly, YEC reactions to the claims in Humphreys et al. Again, in contrast to Wieland's misconceptions of science and the scientific method, scientists don't appreciate YECs that invoke groundless and unproven miracles to "resolve" any "contradictions" between U/Pb ages and helium diffusion results.(2003a) and related YEC documents have been overwhelmingly positive and too often carelessly uncritical. If there are any contradictions in geochronology, geochronologists would patiently and persistently look for natural explanations just as other scientists do when solving crimes or diagnosing illnesses.That is, these YECs believe that the helium should have escaped from the zircons long ago if they really are 1.5 billion years old. 11) claim that God created a "brief burst of accelerated nuclear decay," which supposedly produced the necessary amounts of radiogenic lead and helium in a short period of time without melting and sterilizing the Earth. Of course, an "accelerated nuclear decay event" is nothing more than an example of the infamous Gosse (Omphalos) fallacy (also here) and has absolutely no place in science or reality.

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