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Mum, Mike and I were evacuated down to South Africa, to Amanzimtoti, near Durban, when it was considered that dependants had to leave Egypt as World War II escalated. From 1957, my father was posted to Jordan, unaccompanied. My brother, Mike, was born in England in 1934, so my parents were obviously posted home, and then they were in Egypt when I was born in 1938.Rees-Mogg has amassed a significant fortune: in 2016, he and his wife had a combined net worth estimated at more than £100 million.

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TACA HOMELIVES & TIMESON THE MOVEPOSTINGSACCOMMODATIONHEALTHCARE & HOSPITALSSCHOOLINGMEMORIES & MISCELLANEAFAMOUS ARMY CHILDRENHISTORY MATTERS1914–18FORGOTTEN FACESARMY CHILDREN'S GRAVESCURRENT & RECENT RESEARCHLINKS & LITERATURECONTRIBUTING & CONDITIONSCONTACT TACATACA LATEST ‘I think that Patricia and Margaret, my twin sisters, died at two and six weeks, the death certificate stating “inertia”. Fond memories.’To see a sentimental postcard illustrating a family’s farewell, along with a family photograph from World War I, and to read about the Imperial War Museum’s ‘Faces of the First World War’ project, click to read Tim Roberts’ recollections of where his family was posted while he was growing up; of their accommodation, transportation and domestic help; of his education and extracurricular activities; of aspects of ‘mess life’ like children’s Christmas parties; and his reflections on how his army childhood has affected him.

The information I have is that my mother went out to Bombay [now Mumbai, India] to get married on 19 March 1930 and the twins were born in Meerut in October 1931 and died in Meerut in 1931. to read Barbara Steels’ recollections of Prince Rupert School (PRS), Wilhelmshaven, (West) Germany, from the late 1950s to the early 1960s, as well as her description of The Wilhelmshaven Association (TWA) and the archival work that she has undertaken on its behalf.

He has been praised as a conviction politician whose anachronistic upper-class mannerisms and consciously traditionalist attitudes are often seen as entertaining, and has been dubbed the "Honourable Member for the 18th century".

Rees-Mogg was born in Hammersmith on , the youngest son of William Rees-Mogg (1928–2012), a former editor of The Times newspaper, created a Life Peer in 1988, by his wife Gillian Shakespeare Morris, a daughter of Thomas Richard Morris, a Conservative party local government politician and Mayor of St Pancras in London.

I have a photograph of their gravestone, which is a large white cross on plinths, with the inscription, which is difficult to read in parts (the dates are illegible): “In Ever Loving Memory of / Patricia and Margaret / the darling twin daughters of / B. to read about Shelagh Jones' quest to locate the grave of her brother, Graham, who died in (West) Germany aged five, and about the information supplied by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWCG).

He must have known something I didn’t as the sash was taken off me the next morning for being naughty! I also recall working in the Hella Factory in Lippstadt for six months as a translator before joining the army and then the merchant navy (I’ve been around).

He attracted support through the social media campaign Moggmentum and has been promoted as a potential successor to Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May.

Rees-Mogg is a controversial figure in British politics.

Rees-Mogg was born into a wealthy family in Hammersmith, London, and was educated at Eton College, then studied History at Trinity College, Oxford, and was president of the Oxford University Conservative Association.

He worked in the City of London for Lloyd George Management until 2007, then co-founded a hedge fund management business, Somerset Capital Management LLP.

We eventually arrived in Nicosia, where my father picked us up and drove us to Dhekelia fully armed. I remember the Mediterranean Squadron of ships firing a salute in Dhekelia roads and service families visiting the ships. I took my Thirteen Plus and went to a grammar school, which was the longest I had ever spent at one school.

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