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You may notice that, at any given time, one nostril is dominant (that is, air flows more smoothly through one nostril and only partially through the other).

The dominant nostril alternates throughout the day.

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Preliminary research suggests that breathing through the right nostril oxygenates the left side of the brain, while breathing through the left nostril oxygenates the right side of the brain.

One of the reasons alternate nostril breathing may induce its calming and balancing effects on the mind is that it gently allows for airflow through both nostrils.

Since it is so difficult "talk" our way out of our feelings, we can learn to "breathe" our way through them.

After participating in a 6-day workshop, veterans who said they had felt “dead” since returning from Iraq said they felt alive again.

Until this study, I could not find [the] right help for me, BREATHING like a champ!

It works for a brief period then it takes over your life.However, because breathing happens automatically, many of us don’t give the breath as much attention as it deserves nor have we learned to harness its full potential to calm our minds.One of the reasons why breathing can change how we feel is that emotions and breathing are closely connected.This finding is revolutionary: We can change how we feel using our breath!Given the fact that it is so difficult to change one’s emotions using thoughts alone - try "talking yourself out of" intense anger or anxiety - , learning to use the breath becomes a very powerful tool.Whereas therapeutic and drug treatments had not helped many of the participants who volunteered for my study, a breathing practice - the intervention we used - did.

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