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She told Cronin, “I’m less courageous and I haven’t dated anyone.” Cronin thought this was crazy.She had talked with many students by then about the hook-up culture and decided to give students a dating assignment in her philosophy class.The few replies to the Profs Blawg post that attempt to justify or excuse this form of academic incest are typical: like all attempts to shrug off this conduct, most fall into one of the categories I laid out in the 2010 post: 1.) Who cares about who dates whom? (Example: fight on the ice, get banned for life; screw a student, lose your tenure.

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Dating your professor is matt bellamy still dating

Such is the case here, and thus I somewhat question the motives of the author of the post, Kelly Anders. Asking the question creates the illusion that there is a real controversy. I addressed this question a long time ago, in an early post here barely seen at the time but among the most frequently visited since.

I wrote: [P]rofessors [are] obligated to maintain a position of authority, objectivity and judgment as mentors and teachers of the whole student body, and [have] a duty to their schools not to allow their trustworthiness to be undermined by having intimate relationships among the same group that they [are] supposed to be supervising and advising.

It may seem tricky but don’t worry– it can be done!

Profs Blog asks the question regarding law professors and law students, but the question doesn’t change by narrowing the definition.

“Once I started being more explicit about what a first date is, and coached them along, it became a good challenge that they enjoyed and appreciated.

I’ve had students tell me that they took the class simply so that I would make them go on a date, which is kind of crazy, but tells you a lot.

Years ago, when Boston College Professor Kerry Cronin was talking with a group of seniors about their plans after college, she learned that almost none of them had dated in college.

One young woman told her that while she had grown and flourished in every area of her life at college, dating was the one thing she not only hadn’t progressed in, she actually felt worse about than when she graduated from high school.

I wouldn’t change a word, except that typo I just noticed, and just fixed in the original. These are the realities of authority, professionalism, leadership and power. (I know all the potential harms: grades, recommendations, etc., but do these happen often enough to make it worth another regulation?

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