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I found myself becoming very impatient and frustrated with the lack of common sense - such that I started to lose respect for him and I had to end the relationship.

Give me a guy with street smarts and common sense, the abililty to use logic and find solutions to everyday things/situations/issues in life over a brainiac/Mensa-member anyday of the week.

I would not say they are balanced people (forgetful, absent minded, scatterbrained) and without spell check...... Not trying to start an arguement sienna, as I know you love that ( to argue and debate, but its not my cup of tea)Just making my points.... my point exactly..add: I have a high IQ ( although not genuis or anything but a little higher than average) and I have dyslexia and I cant spell worth a damm...

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It's like the difference between knowing how to play music, and not.

Two musicians will have something together that they would miss if either tried a relationship with a non-musician. Seriously, you must have an idoit magnet on you or something.

He had no clue how to even change a tire, nor did I because I'd never done it before but it was more than just common sense.

I had to actually remind him that tightening up the lug nuts was required. He was a total and complete space cadet when it came to the basics in life - I'm sure most 8 yr olds knew more then him when it came to "real life" stuff.

Being focused in one area can make one exclude other parts of thier life. More common are lack of social interaction skills that come with focusing on intellectual pursuits.

But remember, there is a Massive difference between the skilled, the learned, and the gifted. I've taught woods skills, can survive over night outside in this horrible climate (over night winter survival was required for search and rescue) know what to eat, and not.

As for dating someone with a high IQ, I've found that my best relationships have been with people who could keep up to me intellectually, but to be with a pure brainiac is boring..... A woman whose mind is great will be far more capable of great sexual experience. There is nothing wrong or bad about relationships with less intelligent people. Having had it before, it is hard to settle without it now.

I need someone who knows how to live life, and enjoy everything that this world has to offer, the courage to take what he knows to make this a better world and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty doing it. If sex was only about the physical pleasure, then any woman would do, because all women are enjoyable sexually. As good and as fun as someone of average intelligence may be, the relationship is limited to what they may experience.

I have taught workshops and classes on computer skills and done presentations to the board of directors. As Einstien once said, "Why should I memorize everthing?

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