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1889-present: Machine-made bottles (Jones and Sullivan 1985: 165). Originally made with a finishing tool (Jones and Sullivan 1985).

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1917: Half of all bottles produced in the United States are made on Owens machines (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 3). Pre-1925: Hand-blown bottles (Jones and Sullivan 1985: 165). 1935: Non-returnable beer bottles introduced (Busch 1987: 77). 1965: Non-returnable bottles or One Way bottles introduced (Kaplan 196).

1935: “FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE” mandated for all liquor bottles (Busch 1987: 75). 1970: Plastic soft drink bottles introduced (Kaplan 1982: 106).

1910: Owen’s mark first appears on fruit jars, packers ware, prescription ware, ammonia bottles, and Heinz bottles (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 3).

1911: Owen’s mark first appears on whiskeys, gallon packers, and small bottles from one-half to six ounce capacity (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 3).

For New Yorkers who work in the service industry, including hotels, restaurants, and drivers, tips are an essential part of their earnings.

However, you should also take into consideration the level of luxury at an establishment you visit as well as the quality of service delivered when you determine what kind of tip to leave your server.

1905-1920: 6 oz, 7 oz, and quart soda pop bottles standardized (Kaplan 1982).

1905: Owen’s mark first appearts on beer, porter, ale, soda water, wine, brandy, milk and patent medicine bottles (Miller and Mc Nichol 2002: 3).

1947: Upward trend in world production of aluminum begun (Encyclopedia Britannica 1973 (1): 694).

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