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Unlike many high-growth school systems, we do not have to re-district when an area grows beyond the capacity of the school in that neighborhood.Elementary and Middle Schools are divided into three zones, with Midway Road and Florida’s Turnpike being the dividing lines, each including portions of Fort Pierce and Port St. The Green Zone is north of Midway Road, the Blue Zone is south of Midway Road and East of Florida’s Turnpike, and the Red Zone is south of Midway Road and west of Florida’s Turnpike.

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If you wish to know what a reserve list is up to you can email the request to the Unit.

At 3pm on 15 December 2017 students who accepted an offer and did not decline it were automatically removed from reserve lists for higher choice schools.

Please select the specific school level below for Magnet steps to apply.

* The elementary IB program has a transportation area.

Disclaimer: All school attendance boundaries are subject to change by School Board action.

The maps and descriptions are provided for convenience only.

Applications will open for placement in Year 7 in 2020 from 9 October 2018 to 12 November 2018. The progress of reserve lists is no longer published.

If your child's reserve position is reached the Unit will contact you.

Dating is experienced by most adolescents in our society as a prelude to mate selection.

White and black youth (N=354) were studied to measure their dating-mating choices.

Because we understand that selecting a school for your child is an important decision the professional staff at the Student Assignment Office is available to discuss your options and assist you through the application process.

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