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The Finnish shoe designer's products are sold by some of the most prestigious fashion retailers in 25 different countries around the globe. Approximate Time Table: 9-24 months According to recent amendments to the Chinese Trademark Law that entered into force on May 1, 2014, multiple-class applications are possible in China.

RELATED: Intellectual Property in China’s Food & Beverage Industry Trademark squatting is a form of intellectual property rights (IPR) infringement that is especially rampant in China.

US firms are typically more vulnerable to trademark squatting in China because unlike the US, China follows the ‘first to file’ system rather than the ‘first to use’.

That means that whomever first FILES a particular trademark in a particular category gets the rights. Why does this matter if your company is ONLY planning to manufacture in China?

Under current Chinese law, a company can "swoop in" and register your trademark (even though you were the first to use it).

To date, Chinese Courts have largely followed the strict interpretation of the statute and ruled in favor of trademark squatters Establishing ‘bad faith’ registration and ‘well-known brand’ claims before Chinese authorities has proved difficult and expensive.

These factors have encouraged trademark squatting and made brand protection in China difficult for foreign firms.US firms are often under the wrong assumption that merely by registering their trademarks in the US, they will be recognized in China as well.However, the Chinese system does not recognize trademarks registered in other jurisdictions and will grant protection only to those who file first in China, regardless of the use or intent to use.Trademark squatters exploit the difference among the legal systems and register international brands in China anticipating their entry China.Once they enter China, the squatters try to sell them back their own trademark for exorbitant sums to earn profits.Once this happens, that company can legally stop your product from leaving the country by claiming trademark infringement*.

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