Dating a stripper childhood abuse survivors dating site

Does it really matter as long as that person is working a legal gig?

Everybody could use a little love and happiness regardless of what their profession is, and that includes strippers.

By 5pm she’s doing "X" at some other guy’s house, and from there she goes home for the five-minute shower and gets ready for work. Her phone rings more than all of the lines at the New York Times combined.

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Getting dumb rich isn't the typical stripper experience, but their finances can be A1.

That is if they can focus on their goals, and avoid many of the pitfalls like drugs, prostitution, and getting wrapped up in the lifestyle that comes along with the industry.

Keep in mind that she pulls down more than most corporate attorneys (who also represent a large portion of her clientele). At some early point in the evening though, you’re going to have to find her cell phone in her purse and steal the battery out of it, because that thing will ring incessantly and she will eventually find something or someone better to do.

All of those "guy friends" started out just like you, chief.

Based on my adventurous dating experiences, I have firsthand knowledge of the perks of dating a stripper.

The experiences of others may vary, but here’s what I know.

But first, get all the sexual thoughts out of your mind for a second because strippers are much more than that.

Strippers have to be very social on the job, and usually have to listen to a load of bull from complete strangers.

They get to meet a bunch of interesting characters every day.

When an exotic dancer has the look, charismatic personality, and is good at his/her job, the amount of money they could rake in has no limit.

Just because their occupation now is an exotic dancer, doesn't mean they'll be dancing for dollars forever.

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