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Instead I found myself drowning in a world of dinner at home every night, re-runs of The Bill and weekend shopping trips to IKEA. When that relationship reached its inevitable conclusion I should have learned from my mistakes, but I was still too young to know any better. My 20s were the best years of my life, filled with zero responsibilities and lots of disposable income.

But instead of traveling and dancing on tables, I focused my energies on men who had been there, done that and were at a stage in their own lives where they were happier hanging at home doing, well, nothing. I packed my bags and left Sydney for New Zealand, where I spent a good deal of my time doing what I should have done in my 20s: spending time with friends, painting the town red and having fun.

It was my first time living away from home and I suddenly found myself miles away from my small Australian country town, thrust under the bright lights of the big city of Sydney.

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No one knows what tomorrow may bring in a marriage.

Besides, I also realize that our 22-year age gap isn't any more of a challenge than what many other married couples with "differences" face.

Yet, in fact, this is a dating phenomenon which has been around for a great number of years.

It’s just that general awareness of younger women dating men more than 20 years older than themselves has increased.

Not because my girlfriends and I got gloriously tipsy on cheap champagne and danced all night, watched the sunrise and then binge-watched DVDs all day in our pyjamas.

No, my 21st was a quiet dinner at the local pub followed by an early night.

But because we get along tremendously well and have a wonderful bond, we don't let the years between us, well, come between us.

Still, on several occasions, people ask me if I ever think about what our lives will be like in 10 or 20 years."I mean, when you're 60, he'll be 82," they'll say. Their statement, however, is one that my husband and I have indeed discussed; if life goes as it typically does, he could need assistance walking at a time when my aches and pains might only just be kicking in.

A perfect weekend for us is eating in and going to bed by 9pm.

So forget what they say about age being nothing but a number.

I was with Mr 10pm Bedtime for about four years and that was at least four years too long.

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