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I honestly think that this is a case of you making things seem way worse in your head. For future reference though (in case, for whatever reason, your current relationship doesn't work out somewhere down the line), be honest about it from the very beginning.The longer you wait, the more awkward for you it becomes, even though it's truly not a big deal.

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He often tells me how his boyfriend is not only not bothered by it but, because he's concerned for my brother's health, makes sure he wears it every night.

If someone's going to be all weirded out by something that is not only, frankly, normal but also important, then you're dating the wrong type of person.

I've been with my boyfriend with a few months now. I have a mild case, but I have a CPAP machine to ensure this doesn't happen. For those of you with a CPAP, how did you bring this up to your partner?

I have sleep apnea - it's a condition where during sleep, I don't get enough air or no air at all. When I first started dating my boyfriend and when he started to spend the night, I would not wear my CPAP machine at all out of embarrassment. The downside is the next day I would be heavily sleepy the next day. And for those of you with a partner who uses a CPAP, how does it feel for you? bother me if you were making yourself suffer because you thought the CPAP machine would put me off. There are a lot of newer masks on the market that are a lot smaller and more comfortable.

Show him that it doesn't really affect him when you wear it and that it is just part of your routine. finally I went and got the machine and now he'll yell at me when I accidently take it off at night.

If he actually likes you it won't matter, any guy who would rather have his boyfriend never get a good nights sleep because he is intimidated by a medical device is definitely not worth a second date. Lol Look, I don't know how long you guys have been together and I don't mean to be blunt but as your relationship matures, you'll start to resent the fact that you're sleepy all the time.

Not every part of the relationship is going to be romance 24/7. But fo real, just be all, "Do you want me to die in my sleep? I thought I would be embarrassed but my bf rather me sleep with it on since he is a light sleeper with restless leg syndrome.

I snore loud but in the process of becoming more fit so hopefully I will not need it in a year.

I mean you haven't been lying, but you're not being fully honest with him.

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