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This ability to have a contract decided by a court in one country and enforced by a court in another is aided by a number of international conventions - though it's only in the EU/EFTA (through the Brussels and Logano Conventions) that the system works satisfactorily.The international Hague Convention is not widely accepted.Nonetheless, conceptually, a UK firm could issue a UK employment contract to a worker in Bratislava and call them an employee - even though the concept would be rather meaningless.

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The status of sole trader[1] is well defined in the UK and in the EU but the definitions's not so clear in other countries.

This sole-trader status also covers workers intending long-term engagement with a foreign firm while resident in their own country.

This approach is legally unstable and will only lead to confusion.

We don’t recommend that firms consider this option.

And one of the most basic tests of employee status is that they are under management control – difficult when the employee is 5,000km away with no local supervision.

This suggests that they'd always likely be considered by local authorities as self employed.

Alternatively they would have to come to the UK to petition a UK court or arbitration service such as the LCIA [2].

For arbitration to be effective, arbitration as a method of disputes resolution should be built into the contract from the outset.

Even if an NT code is issued, there may still be National Insurance liability with both employer and employee paying NI.

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