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Combine, and check the last option – Consolidate and calculate values across multiple workbooks into one worksheet. Then click Next, in this step, check the workbooks and sheets you need, then click to select data range.

see screenshot: Note: For selecting same ranges in all checked worksheets, you click the Same range button. Click Next to select calculation from Function section, and check Top row and Left column options. Click Finish, then click Yes or No to save the scenario or not. You can click Add in Combine Worksheets--Step 2 of 3 dialog to add workbooks and ranges to directly consolidate without name range. Check Create links to source data option in Combine Worksheets--Step 3 of 3 dialog to auto update consolidated results as source data changing.

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Alternatively, you can use Power Query in Excel 2013, renamed Get and Transform in Excel 2016, but those features require far more experience with database queries than the average Excel user has accumulated at this point.

Fortunately, Microsoft Query is an alternative that is available in all versions of Excel that can guide you through the process.

Consolidate data from multiple worksheets with Consolidate function Consolidate data from multiple worksheets with advanced Combine utility (1.)Select Select Combine columns under To combine selected cells according to following options;(2.)Specify a separator for the combined data, here I select Space;(3.))Specify the cell you want to place your combined result;(4.)Specify how you want to deal with the combined cells. Repeat step 3 to add all ranges you need to the All references list. See screenshot: This method is unconvenient, because you need to select ranges one by one, and if you need to consolidate data across workbooks, you need to name data range. If you have installed Kutools for Excel, you may find the Combine utility can help you quickly accomplish a consolidate report.

Then check both options of Top row and Left column. If you do not have Kutools for Excel, you can free installed Kutools for Excel for 60 days.

To easily view a summary of all fruit inventory, you can create a third worksheet that joins together data from the two worksheets.

Joining information from different Excel worksheets is a process called "consolidation." 1.

If you go with the manual method to consolidate data, it is a real pain.

Whenever you create a new Excel document, you are opening what is called a “workbook.” Each workbook can have multiple worksheets.

The process I’ll describe can work within an existing workbook, or you can pull data from multiple workbooks.

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