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After my most recent first date, I asked a body language expert to analyze my selfies with my date to see what I can learn from all that fidgeting.My friend from college had set me up with her friend from Welcome Week. We agreed to meet at a coffee shop called Devocíon in Brooklyn. He arrived soon after, gave me a hug, and went to get us drinks.

It seemed like we were both fine leaning into each other, and I tried to make it playful with some "funny" photos, instead of my usual smirk and smize.

As the date progressed, I felt more comfortable with him.

I gave him an idea for the technology his company uses — which, by the way, I want full creative credit for if it ever comes to fruition.

We finished our drinks and shared cookie, and walked to overlook the East River.

I laughed that I sometimes do stuff like that — like posting a full lip-sync karaoke of because why not.

We talked about how we both are extroverted introverts, and both like a good amount of nights in per week.And no matter what happens, at least I have these photos as proof that I don't need to be nervous on dates.THOUGH IT MAYseem like shark attacks are more common, the chances of an encounter are still rare.According to the Australian Shark Attack File, kept by researchers at Sydney's Taronga Conservation Society, there have been 1003 shark attacks in Australia since records began in 1791, and 232 of them have been fatal.All up, about one-quarter of shark attacks are fatal, and the average fatal attack is one person/year.The next day, I flew to Florida to visit family for a couple of weeks. Our conversation continued on into the next morning, and we talked about the apartment he saw, the show I watched, and referenced some inside jokes from our date.

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