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He tried to attack a mistress of the house, and was duly shot on site.Strangely enough, at the same spot where he was shot, a few years later, a young lady committed suicide by jumping out of the window, right where the soldier had previously passed.Since I didn’t overnight, I can’t really give it a review, just a recap of my experience there.

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I was always more interested in getting to Lecompte before Lea’s Lunchroom ran out of my favorite, chocolate pie.

My introduction to Loyd Hall was when I attended a media tour of the northern part of Louisiana. The group was staying the night, but some of us have multiple jobs and had to be at work the next morning.

Loyd Hall is a bed and breakfast located in Cheneyville, LA.

I’ve passed through this area many times when my hubby and I lived near there in the early months of our marriage, but I never even knew Loyd Hall was there, much less haunted.

There is the main home, which has two upstairs suites (that are pretty swanky) and various outbuildings used for maintenance, guest cottages, and events.

Of course, I went wandering off alone, and came upon a scene right out of a horror movie.But before we do so, let us clearly understand that chatting with strangers online can be risky.It’s true that one may come across legendary ideas when they share their thoughts with strangers, let’s also keep in mind that there is a balance of good and bad on this planet.Not every man or woman we interact with anticipate our good luck or good fortune.Therefore, it is best, if we are responsible and avoid giving personal information when we are interacting with strangers. Chatroulette Chatroulette comes with the unique idea of pairing the user with a stranger.Of course, there are other ghostly occupants, including an old slave called Nanny who gets ticked off when someone fools with her kitchen.

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