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He was the youngest tonight, but at twenty one, he was only two years younger than I.I motioned them in and saw the last two guests coming down the hall. Raj moved with a soft grace, his toned brown skin looking great and his shoulder length black hair was pulled back, with a few strands escaping to frame his face. Raj's partner, Rick, was tan and toned and kept his hair shaven to his scalp.We had met them some time back at a party and had kept in touch by email, but this would be the first time I had seen either of them nude. He kept his hair in dreads, which were pulled back into a loose ponytail.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and slid my fingers underneath the cloth until I could feel the small hairs that formed a strip, like a thin arrow pointing downward.

I let my finger slide a little lower, past where the hairs stopped.

We all knew each other in a vague sense, but never had this much tension arisen between us.

Rick and Raj had worked with me at my last job, before I became a nurse and Rick went into security.

They had known me before I grew up, when I was so studious I would never have even heard of the word orgy. I turned and looked around the living room, the men scattered around on various chairs.

The Chaton Noir was definitely not lacking in seating.

I was already a little wet, but for what I had planned, I was going to need to be a lot wetter.

I looked into each of their eyes in turn, admiring them all in different ways as I felt my wetness.

The doorbell rang and I breathed deeply to calm myself before I headed to the door.

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