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Taylor Swift later revealed that they broke up over a phone call that lasted only 27 seconds.

Immediately after breaking up with Taylor, he was spotted kissing popular actress Camilla.

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They were brought together by Joe’s ex-girlfriend Mandy.

The relationship between Joe and Taylor Swift was always on the news.

Despite playing a mute so most of her lines were voiceovers, through her posture and facial expressions she was able to express her loneliness and the burden of everyone’s secrets.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s very attractive, so staring at her onscreen to decipher her character’s feelings was not too much of a chore.

The breakup was dramatic, and she had written some songs on him.

They dated from July 2008 to October 2008 though they never admitted to be a loving couple during their relationship.

Actress Mandy was Joe’s teenage girlfriend, and they dated for merely three months during the summer of 2005.

She was supposed to be a part of Jonas Brothers band, and they even wrote a song about her name “Mandy” but the relationship fell apart, and she took an exit from his life.

He was a part of the band Jonas Brothers formed with his brothers Kevin and Nick.

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