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I’ve been lucky enough to be in love twice in my life with long-term relationships, so I would hope that isn’t it for me."Tregobov would like to hear from men interested in meeting her growing list of women clients.

They can contact her at 204-888-1529 or "I just did the happy dance when an 85-year-old man joined (Camelot), because I have a lineup of amazing women waiting for him to choose from," Tregobov said.

As a cider maker, I would much rather leave this job to those who drink cider. But then, I am never sure what any town or county in the UK might make either, so that is not an insult:-) Ice cider is a little bit of a mystery to me.

Once the virus is in your body, it is there forever.

This site has been created to make it easier for people who are awake and aware to find each other. Please give us feedback for ways to improve the site and to solve any problems.

"Unless you wear a sign on your shirt saying you’re single, people don’t talk about it."Delaine opted to enlist Tregobov’s help after a friend of her sister’s had success with Camelot."I think of myself as a younger 45," Delaine said.

"I would just like someone to go to dinner and movies with …

People with genital herpes may find they have better luck in the love stakes than smokers on one dating site.

Camelot Introductions, based in Winnipeg, Canada, has added a section for people with the sexually transmitted disease, but no longer work with those who smoke.'As of a year ago, we stopped accepting clients who smoke, because time after time when we were attempting to match (them), their files would be rejected,' said Lianne Tregobov, 'intuitive matchmaker' at the company.

See - not everything I do is reactive:-) I remember it being a very accomplished and complex drink which was served after a few glasses of cider at an event last year. As you can see from the photo, the presentation itself is an occasion - I really like the tube, embossed logo and stuff.

This 'cider de glace' is quite a rare thing, a dessert cider. I have tried it once before and therefore knew it would be fitting for this occasion. It came from Marks and Spencer and had been discounted to only £20 for a 375ml bottle. that may be stretching its value for money just a bit although you have to realise that it is made in Quebec (Canada for those whose geography is as good as mine).

Lianne Tregobov is on a manhunt, but she’s a love agent in a desperate search for good guys, not fugitives.

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